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Course Duration

Three Months.

Totall Class

Lecture 30+

Course Fee

BDT 10,000/-

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing is basically a marketing strategy focused into getting benefit to your business from the massive traffic via your video content present on Youtube. Some of the effective Youtube marketing strategies are - Creating video content on product reviews or demos. To become a YouTuber it is important to know about the platform and how it works. When you are well aware of the process, you will be able to drive more traffic and engage a good number of audiences. Besides, it is also important to make a video in a professional manner and to do that understanding of editing tools is a must. According to the statistics, every month 1.5 billion people search for their favorite content on YouTube and viewers watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube video. This popular medium can make anyone star over the night. All we need is just to make good contents & to promote through marketing folds.

Course Modules

  • * # Course Modules
  • * * Channel Create, Channel LOGO
  • * * Channel Intro/Outro making
  • * * Channel Art, Video upload
  • * * Channel Customization,
  • * *Channel SEO
  • * * Video Ranking, tag and descriptions
  • * * Advertisement, Google account,
  • * *Adsense
  • * * keyword Research, Basic SMM,
  • * *Video Editing etc
  • * * Strategy of Marketing

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